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This book is a tribute to my parents, Martha and Coyne Callaghan. I felt compelled to write this book because I believe their approach to raising children is something special and should be shared with the world.

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William J Callaghan, Raised with Praise
Author Bill Callaghan records his audiobook in his home.
Sound Engineer Shawn, and Bill work on the audiobook.

This Inspirational book "Raised With Praise: How My Parents Made Me a Happy Soul, comes to life in 2021 with author Bill Callaghan narrating the audio version. Callaghan’s smooth and gentle voice amplifies the book’s message with a pleasant and gifted lilt. He adds humor and inspirational stories from his past and present to suggest to readers that the key to raising happy, well-adjusted, kind, compassionate children is to "raise them with praise," in an environment free from criticism and condemnation.


Raised with PRAISE is an inspirational story about raising kids in a positive light. Calling the book a tribute to his parents, Martha and Coyne Callaghan, he said, "Their approach to raising children is something special and should be shared with the world."


Listening to the audio version of this book will warm the hearts of any reader with it's inspiring stories of family and friends  as told in Bill Callaghan's own voice. This book is for all the parents who were once children and ultimately the children who will one day become parents. As Bill discloses, “My goal for writing this book is on a grand scale. I want to enhance the circle of life, in a positive way, for many generations to come. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the book and it puts a smile on your face and happiness in your heart!”

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About the Author

Bill Callaghan was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June of 1960. He and ten brothers and sisters grew up in the village of Shorewood, along the shores of Lake Michigan. Bill attended grade school at St. Robert's Catholic School and spent the next four years at Shorewood High School, graduating in 1978 as the Senior Class President. Bill attended UWEC (University of Eau Claire), then joined the family's mixing business in 1980.


He has spent the last thirty years working with his parents and four brothers manufacturing blending and coating equipment. Bill and his wife Laurel were married in 1986 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and have four children. Bill is a father, husband, teacher, an inventor and now an author. Above all, Bill is just a kid at heart!

The Callaghan family photos and videos that go along with stories from the book. 



Positive Parenting

March 7, 2010

Raised with praise is a wonderful account of growing up in a large Irish Catholic family. The book is a testament to raising children with a positive outlook on life and how that upbringing made the author the person he is today. Bill's outlook on life has brightened the souls of all that he has touched. The anecdotes of growing up in a neighborhood of large families is from an era that appears to have passed, but will now be treasured for generations to come. 


Raised With Praise

February 22, 2010

If you like to laugh out loud and would like to brighten your day, read this book. You won't want to put it down and you’ll laugh all day. For anyone from a big family, this is a "must-read".


Delightfully Inspirational

July 27, 2016

Thanks Bill for sharing your delightfully inspirational and positive life experiences with us. Raised with Praise is so relevant to my own childhood with respect to your parents, your companions, even your neighborhood friends and how they interacted - how they all became somewhat of a family living on the same block. It was amazing how it paralleled my own life bringing back so many wonderful memories. This book is so well written, it’s like watching a movie. The everyday discipline and rules like no one in the kitchen after 6:00 - no one in mom and dad’s room - so much structure that seems to be missing in today’s time. Especially thanks for sharing the HOPE we have as believers. God bless you and yours


Five Stars

August 9, 2014

All parents should have this in their library.

Hand-clapping hurrahs for this family & God honoring tribute

November 16, 2017
I highly recommend this five-star book; it is more than a memoir; it’s more than a bunch of stories bound together; it’s a fascinating picture of a family with eleven children – Raised with Praise. As he writes about his research and pictures being stolen from his van, Bill Callaghan tugs at our heartstrings, but he turned around and recreated this delightful book.

From the smiling kid on the front cover to the grinning guy on the back cover, the book is full of fun. From the shenanigans on the Florida trips to stepping on Sam Snead’s golf ball to golfing with Jim Nabors, Bill captures the joy of life in meaningful ways. It is evident that he wants to enhance the circle of life in a positive way for generations to come with genuine laughter.

By including dialogue from his parents on the beginning of the family and the “Tell me ‘bout the Good Old Days” chapter, interspersed with pictures, Bill has given us a unique peak into the previous generation. With chapters on Moms, the family business, WWII, teaching religion, politics, and the circle of life, Bill fills in bits from all aspects of life with personal stories that we can all relate to. He ends with “Faith – The Final Frontier” which seemed appropriate as his faith showed throughout the book in a very real, not preachy, way.

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